Michael Recommends Harmony Alves

My ex and I Separated and we have a daughter. We both agreed on Mutual Agreement Divorce and 50-50 Custody. We were doing very well with Child Rotation,Visits and Calls until my ex decided to move to Vegas. Little did I know my life ,My World would be upside down. We both agreed to do a BK before the Divorce was Final to have us each on a Clean slate. 1 Week before the hearing A few alligations came up. Drug abuse, Alcohol Abuse,Animal abuse And Child Porn!!! Everything and the kitchen Sink was thrown my way. It was A Twilight Zone. I couldn't see straight. I was then Given 8 Hrs a Month Supervised!!! 4 hrs Saturday and 4 on Sunday when I Had 2 Solid weeks a month. Just From Hearsay. No Proof. Just Alligations.. I was under that for 12 Months. A whole year!!!.. Meanwhile going to hearins and get thrown through Fire and Cole..My Attorney said I have another Attorney I want you to work with. Harmony Alves. I said ok. Let me tell you once I had her She did Amazing work. All the Calls,Emails and Hearings she did for me. Real quick. My previous Attorney Never Delt with Such a Case he had No idea what he was doing and Only was Concerned About Money rather than helping a Innocent Man. Harmony Alves read My Story. Could not Believe what I was Being Accused of. Took me on and said. I Got You. After her 1st time with me In Court. I thought ..Where have you been this whole time. We fought and fought and Fought. After going through 2 Of the 730 Evaluators. It was Totally a given I was Innocent and Falsely Accused of all these Crimes. Well Being a Male. A Bigger guy. I was Totally Guilty. From Day 1 I was Treated Guilty til Proven Innocent. The Worst Feeling ever.We had Enough Proff to Shut Down the Courts. After 2 1/2 Years of this Complete Hell. I was Awarded Primary Custody. I could not believe it. I looked at Harmony and gave her a Huge hug Crying. Let me tell you what. You never Know who a Person is or what they are capable of Doing to you. I was Accused Of being the Absolute Worst person on the planet. After we Fought the Good Fight I Came out on Top. To All you Men out there that might Be going through this. Do Not Give up. Fight Til You can't Fight No more. Trust in Harmony.

– Michael


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