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Harmony Alves
Managing Attorney

From a young age Harmony knew what she wanted to do: become an attorney and fight for the "little fellow". If you feel like you are an underdog in your legal matter, she will be the advocate you need.

Harmony wasted no time pursuing her dream, she obtained her Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance in just three years, graduated magna cum laude from law school on her 25th birthday, sat for the California bar exam a couple of months later, and passed the California Bar Exam on her first attempt. She took her attorney oath on December 3, 2014 and has been fighting for clients like you since!

She began her legal career in the personal injury field, representing plaintiffs and fighting the insurance companies. She absolutely loved her work, but quickly realized the attorney she was working for was not acting ethically and went against everything she stood for(that attorney is now disbarred and no longer allowed to practice law). She immediately left that firm and began fighting for the everyday individual against the IRS and Franchise Tax Board and spent the next few years helping clients resolve their tax issues.

However, something was missing; she missed fighting for her clients in personal injury and other matters inside the court room. Harmony made the return to the plaintiff personal injury world in January 2018, but after encountering a similar situation to the last personal injury attorney she worked for, she decided it was time to change the game.

Harmony started her own firm, MKH Accident Attorneys APC, in August 2018. Although she started the firm with the idea of being a plaintiff's personal injury firm, she quickly realized her clients needed her in other legal realms as well. In October 2018, MKH Accident Attorneys APC began representing clients in family law, including: divorce, separation, parentage, child custody, child support, child visitation, spousal support, and domestic violence matters.


However, Harmony did not stop there. Since it has always been important to her to find a way to provide access to legal services to those who normally may not be able to afford legal services, she has found a way to provide most family law services on a flat fee basis and accepts payment plans!

After deciding to expand the firm's practice areas, Harmony evaluated if she should change the name of the firm, but she quickly decided no. After all, when people doubt her abilities it just inspires and drives her more. She doesn't mind being doubted or the underdog; the firm name will fool them, don't let it fool you! [Plus, most people would agree it is an accident that they need an attorney!]

Contact MKH Accident Attorneys APC today to get Harmony on your side! Trust me, you'll want to do it before the other side does--you won't want to go against her. 

Dustin Maricic
Of Counsel

Dustin, or Attorney Dustin as his clients call him, has been representing victims injured in accidents for almost a decade. Him and Harmony had worked together on personal injury matters prior to Harmony starting MKH Accident Attorneys APC.

With their similar values and ideals mixed with their desire to fight for their clients, it made sense for them to form an Of Counsel relationship with each other--providing you with a team of dedicated and experienced attorneys!

McKenna Sedmock
Head Paralegal & Chief of Operations

McKenna brings a wide array of experience, including her personal experiences in the Family Law realm.

McKenna’s work history prior to MKH Accident Attorneys consisted of industries focused on helping the every-day person, something McKenna is very passionate about. However, McKenna was never satisfied at these previous positions; she quickly discovered that a lot of companies that advertised services meant to benefit the average citizen, tended to be only be operating to benefit themselves, financially, and often at the client’s expense.. This led McKenna to join the legal field. McKenna went into the legal industry with the anticipation that attorneys, surely, would be different from her previous employers. Unfortunately, McKenna quickly learned that the legal world was not free from unethical attorneys and attorneys concerned with lining their own pockets versus the client’s best interest.

At this point McKenna was conflicted on where she goes from there. She decided that her love for helping people made it clear this was the field for her, but she realized she needed to find an attorney/firm that had the same moral and ethically convictions that she did.

McKenna had worked with Harmony Alves previously, first in the tax resolution world, and then at the previous law firm together for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (McKenna is also a HUGE Harry Potter fan). Both women worked very well together, and Harmony had always been the attorney McKenna could turn to for sound, ethical advice. McKenna had overheard enough conversations between Harmony and the firm’s other attorneys and knew Harmony was unhappy at that firm for the same reason.


McKenna KNEW this was the attorney that had the same moral and ethical convictions as her.  It was McKenna who first gave Harmony the idea to open her own firm one day and encouraged her to do so. Shortly thereafter, Harmony left the firm her and McKenna were at and announced she was beginning her own firm, MKH Accident Attorneys APC.


McKenna handed in her resignation that same day and shortly thereafter joined MKH Accident Attorneys McKenna firmly believes that Harmony Alves and her firm, MKH Accident Attorneys are and always will be the ethical advocates that put the client’s best interests first.

McKenna has not looked back since joining MKH Accident Attorneys and has since become the Head Paralegal in addition to being in charge of the Firm’s operations.