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From a very young age Harmony knew what she wanted to do: become a best lawyer and fight for the “little fellow”. If you feel like you are an underdog in your legal matter, she Harmony Alves will be the advocate you need.

Harmony wasted no time in pursuing her dream, she obtained her Bachelors in Business Administration with an emphasis in finance in just three years, graduated magna cum laude from law school on her 25th birthday, sat for the California bar exam a couple of months later, and passed the California Bar Exam on her very first attempt. She took her attorney oath on December 3, 2014 and she has been fighting for clients like you since then!

She began her legal career in the personal injury field by representing plaintiffs and fighting the insurance companies. She absolutely loved her work, but she quickly realized that the attorney she was working for was not acting ethically and went against everything she stood for(that attorney is now disbarred and no longer allowed to practice law). She immediately left that firm and began fighting for the everyday individual against the IRS and Franchise Tax Board and spent the next few years helping clients to resolve their tax issues.

However, something was missing; she missed fighting for her clients in personal injury and other matters inside the court room. Harmony made the return to the plaintiff personal injury world in January 2018, but after encountering a similar situation to the last personal injury attorney she worked for, she decided it was time to change the game. With her firm, you aren't pawned off on a case manager--instead you have access to the attorney handling your case. We also send detailed demand packages before every initiating a lawsuit--it is in your interest to settle your claim without the extra expense of litigation, but since firms' contingency percentage increases if the firm "has to file" a lawsuit, many firms will file prematurely. We also ensure your demand tells your story--we don't use a template and send out boilerplate demands like the bigger firms where the teams have a minimum amount of settlements they must obtain per month/quarter. We give your injury claim the individualized attention it deserves, getting you the maximum compensation for your claim. We limit the cases we take on to ensure all cases receive the detailed attention they deserve. You are not just a number here.

Harmony, striving to be the best lawyer she can for her clients, started her own firm, MKH Accident Attorneys APC, in August 2018. Although she initially started the firm with the idea of being a plaintiff's personal injury firm, she quickly realized clients needed her representation in other legal realms as well. In October 2018, MKH Accident Attorneys APC began representing clients in family law which. If you need a divorce lawyer, separation lawyer, parentage lawyer, child custody lawyer, child support lawyer, child visitation lawyer, spousal support lawyer or  domestic violence lawyer, schedule a free consultation with her today. However, Harmony did not stop there. Since it has always been important for her to find a way to provide access to legal services to those who normally may not be able to afford legal services, she has found a way to provide most family law services cheaper on a flat fee basis and also accepts payment plans! We don't require huge retainers, and most family law matters can get started for a few hundred, not a few thousand dollars. 

After deciding to expand the firm's practice areas, Harmony evaluated if she should change the name of the firm, but then she quickly decided no. After all, when people doubt her abilities it just inspires and drives her more. She doesn't mind being doubted or the underdog; the firm name will fool them, don't let it fool you! [Plus, most people would agree it is an accident that they need an attorney!]

Contact MKH Accident Attorneys APC today to get Harmony on your side! Trust me, you will want to do it before the other side does–you won't want to go against her. Our consultations are always free, book one today and find out if the firm is the right fit for your case.

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  • Thanks to her

    I came to Harmony Alves after being drug through the mud countless times by my former spouse through family law court for child custody. After explaining the difficult situation that I was in to her, she was able to put me on the path to reconnecting with my son who I had not been able to see in ...
  • Helpful

    I wanted to express how helpful and adept Harmony Alves was in handling my custody case. Ms. Alves was accessible and patient. Harmony, is both caring and determined. I was surprised at the difference between Harmony Alves, and the legal representation I had hired before finding MKH. Harmony is v...
  • Always Professional

    She helped me with a family law matter and made everything from the start to finish very easy and kept me in the loop. She was always professional throughout the entire process and she really knows what she's doing. I would 100% refer her to anyone who could benefit from her services.
  • Colin Recommends Harmony Alves

    I am seriously so happy with the service Harmony Alves has given me. She always has the best answer and knows just what to say to ease my mind and puts things into perspective which is what I need. Harmony has been working hard helping me get my visitation and parentage solidified. My son means m...
  • Michael Recommends Harmony Alves

    My ex and I Separated and we have a daughter. We both agreed on Mutual Agreement Divorce and 50-50 Custody. We were doing very well with Child Rotation,Visits and Calls until my ex decided to move to Vegas. Little did I know my life ,My World would be upside down. We both agreed to do a BK before...
  • Colin Recommends Harmony Alves

    I'm a new client of Harmony Alves. First off her rates are affordable and she has worked with me on a payment plan. In court she is a bulldog. She gives me the felling that everything is going to workout, and it does always !!! She is so passionate about being an attorney. Currently she is modify...
  • Kristina Recommends Harmony Alves

    Miss Alves has been totally awesome with my case. I appreciate her time, knowledge and her diligence. She has been a blessing to me and I would highly refer her and her team! Thank you so much for all that you do Harmony!
  • Mirenda Recommends Harmony Alves

    During a turbulent time for my family, Attorney Harmony Alves was a beacon of Hope. My options were limited and I was unsure of which way to go. After talking to her she made my anxieties calm down and I began to see light at the end of my tunnel. She has a very calm empathetic and calming demean...
  • Shandry Recommends Harmony Alves

    Where do I start? Harmony working on my case has put me at such ease. She is honest and great at explaining things. She always answers my questions and handles my case with care! It is such a relief to be able trust my attorney to do an awesome job. Thank you Harmony, I would definitely recommend...
  • Mike Recommends Harmony Alves

    Let's start off saying I haven't seen and talked to my children in 4+years and I felt hopeless with numerous failed attempts to fight for my boys and be a productive father for them. All that is now changed the moment I found and contacted this law firm . When i met harmony i was nervous and scar...
  • Mel Recommends Harmony Alves

    Thank you very much for all your help Harmony. You've gone over and beyond your responsibilities with me. I've never met any lawyer as dedicated as you. You are sure that I'll keep on telling everyone I know how good you are in what you do. Keep on doing everything what you're doing right now. A ...
  • Jeff Recommends Harmony Alves

    Harmony is an ohnest and ethical Esquire. She saved me from the SHYSTER attorney i had before,even helping me file a complaint to the Bar Association.Since taking over,she has showed me alot of compassion and help,very much did things out of kindness, for My Mom Linda who has dementia. Not only i...
  • Marsha Recommends Harmony Alves

    Have had a wonderful experience using their services and feel confident. Not many attorneys care much about answering questions or going above and beyond! MKH Accident Attorneys have been a “10” on customer service and being professional on handling the case! I highly recommend them!
  • Austin Recommends Harmony Alves

    Harmony is by far the best attorney I have ever worked with! Hands down will fight for you when things look like the world is falling apart. She explains things in detail that I feel I am not being lied to like most attorneys do to their clients. Her fee is affordable for a lot of families becaus...
  • Lorett Recommends Harmony Alves

    Harmony Alves has provided beyond excellent services with my family law case! She was assertive, knowledgable, polite and professional! She most importantly cared about my situation and whole heartedly put in more time and effort than I have had any attorney ever do! She even took the time to exp...
  • Francesca Recommends Harmony Alves

    MKH Accident Attorneys go above and beyond to deliver great work. The attorneys, specifically Harmony, is very knowledgeable and professional. She is transparent and always in constant communication with you. They can really make you feel better when you're in a difficult position. This firm is h...
  • Nayda Recommends Harmony Alves

    Harmony was an outside council for the attorney I hired, within the time she had my case which was less than a month. Everything was handled exceptionally, she's such a great attorney, very knowledgeable!. I wish I knew about her before I hired my original attorney ( not to mention his office is ...
  • Carolyn Recommends Harmony Alves

    My Fiance was going through a very difficult divorce. Harmony was knowledgeable and thorough. She stayed in touch with us regarding our case. Anyone looking for a great attorney should look no further.
  • April Recommends Harmony Alves

    I would recommend Harmony to anyone who is looking for a professional, highly intelligent and responsive lawyer!   I worked with Harmony after getting into a car accident where the other party's insurance company had me at 40% fault, which was not accurate. Throughout the process, Harmony was ver...
  • Mayeli Recommends Harmony Alves

    Harmony has given me legal advice on a personal injury matter during a consultation and I have worked with her in the past. I have witnessed her honesty, genuine care and ethical work towards all of her clients. She is the only personal injury attorney I would feel 100% comfortable recommending. ...
  • McKenna Recommends Harmony Alves

    I have had the great pleasure of not only hiring Ms. Alves as my own personal attorney to assist with obtaining guardianship, but I have also had the great pleasure of working with her in personal injury matters.   Ms. Alves was an attorney at a firm that I worked at previously and I thoroughly e...
  • Kayla Recommends Harmony Alves

    I was in a car accident in February 2018 and I knew that I needed to hire someone to fight for me. Harmony was incredibly professional and was great about keeping me in the loop of everything that was happening with my case. She fought and got me the best possible settlement and I am so glad I ma...
  • Austin Recommends Harmony Alves

    When it comes to hiring an attorney that is going to be truthful, compassionate, and willing to fight to the bitter end. Harmony is the Attorney you want on your side! She is so good at communication and making me better understand what is going on with my case.   I have hired some attorneys in t...
  • Michael Recommends Harmony Alves

    1st and Foremost Divorce is Never a Easy Task, Especially when children are Involved.I have been going Through a Whirlwind of Events in My Case. It was Very Difficult, Exhausting and Stressful. Working With Miss Alves has Been a Breath of Fresh Air. Miss Alves has Talked/ Walked /And Guided me th...
  • Kristina Recommends Harmony Alves

    I appreciate Ms. Alves for all the work she has done for me. She is a strong, knowledgeable and firm litigator. She knows her occupation and has helped me understand everything in my case.Thank you Harmony
  • Robert Recommends Harmony Alves

    During a turbulent time for me and my family, Attorney Harmony Alves was a beacon of Hope. My money was low and my options were limited and I was unsure of which way to go. After talking to her, my anxieties calmed down and I began to see light at the end of my tunnel. She has a very empathetic a...
  • Michael Recommends Harmony Alves

    I have had the Pleasure of working with Harmony for quiet a Few months Now. I have Never been So Comfortable in My Divorce/Custody Situation. Her Expertise in Family Law is Amazing. The way She Communicates with me ON everything. The way She explains Everything. The way We come up with a Plan Tog...
  • Checkmate

    I started working with Harmony in January of this year, our case is ongoing. Before hiring Harmony Firm... I was the person thinking, "I got this". I will prepare all my docs and subpoenas. I will be my own money-sucking attorney. Really! But, experiencing the emotions of filing a missing person ...


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