Child Custody & Visitation


Our primary focus of our family law practice is in the area of child custody and child visitation. 

Our family law model is different from most family law firms because we aim to fix the issues with the traditional family law model. Our managing attorney was a young teenager when her parents went through a very contested divorce and custody battle. Our attorney saw first hand the impact a custody battle can have on children and the parents; she also saw how family law attorneys are often a huge part of the problem. With the traditional family law model, clients are charged for every second spent on their case at a high hourly rate (generally the low end of the range is $250/hour)--every email reviewed, drafted, every phone call relating to your case, etc. The bill ads up quickly and often right before the court date the client receives a call from the attorney's office that they must pay additional funds as their thousands of dollars retainer has all been used. 

We believe in a different model. We charge a low flat fee per major event in your case and these flat fees are paid over a low monthly payment plan. It takes only a few hundred dollars to get started with us, not thousands. We let our clients pay these flat fees over low monthly payment plans. And we offer options for every budget, including pro se assistance, limited scope (also called unbundled), and formal representation legal services. 

Our flat fee means its never in our interest to create more conflict in your case; in the traditional family law firm model, the attorney/firm benefits from creating conflict as they get to charge you more. Our goal is to reduce the conflict your child (or children) are exposed to. We aim to achieve the child's best interests at the lowest cost and with the least conflict, while providing exceptional legal services. 

Our family law clients have great success with our unique family law model. We always offer free consultations. Check out some of our reviews on AVVO.

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