I started working with Harmony in January of this year, our case is ongoing. Before hiring Harmony Firm... I was the person thinking, "I got this". I will prepare all my docs and subpoenas. I will be my own money-sucking attorney. Really! But, experiencing the emotions of filing a missing person report to International kidding, my 2nd round of false allegations of domestic violence, and to me most importantly the denial of visitations. A loving willingness to alienate father and daughter's relationship and bond. The time I can not receive back. I had so much frustration, anger with the court's system, and the Judge... I NEEDED HELP, FAST. Our relationship from the start has been a Coach / Player relationship. Butting heads at every corner. Mostly because of me being frustrated, me not knowing and understanding the plays and the playbook of the Justice System? To get through to me Coach Attorney Harmony revamped the playbook and plays structured around me and my ability to understand and process this game of Court Chess. Which made a big difference in our player/coach relationship. Harmony has everything you're looking for in Attorney... and much more! When your Attorney "CHECK" to judge multiple times to correct her or him on conduct and court code. You know you have something special and she is that. she's: *Genuine, *Approachable, *Knownlendable of Code & Law * Passionate, *Dedicated to truth and conduct, *A lot of patience and understanding *Confident she will go "HAM" on that azz. The real deal. I'm beyond an honor to have her in my corner. Thank You, Harmony. You mean to world to us. #MyAttorney #WomenPower #Harmony #MKH #MKHAccidentAttorneys #FamilyLaw

– Abdul F


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